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Help with tuning (video rendering) times for live stream.

Hey there!

I'm working on improving tuning times (time to actually render and playback video) on a roku app. I have a few things could use help understanding.

- We are setting StreamBitrates to [0], according to another post I found on here, this is a "special case" for the roVideoPlayer and can cause the player to be more conservative (require more buffer). Is this still the case?

- We have a top level manifest that specifies the bitrates (bandwidths), we are setting the StreamUrls to this url, is this the correct way to handle it? If so, how do we set StreamBitrates or will it be set by the top level manifest?

-Should our bitrates be specified in kbps? This appears to be what is specified in the documentation.

- Are there other suggested means to improve tune times? Right now we are looking at 8-12 seconds before video renders.

Let me know if there are additional details that would be helpful, or if there is a more appropriate board to post these questions to, new here Smiley Happy

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