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Level 8

Help channel crashing !

Chaneru Rev2 version 2.1.14 crashes when you try and play a video from the USB.
I added code in version 14 to allow for an external IP to a http server. The channel now crashes when you access a video from the USB.
I forgot to defining a flag for USB devices.
The original 14 was submitted and approved Monday. I put in a fix and resubmitted a updated 2.1.14 package on Wednesday.
Now it appears to be stuck in limbo.
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Level 11

Re: Help channel crashing !

Hmm, don't do that. Never use the same number for two different builds. Never, ever. Doesn't matter if it's only a line of code or just updated artwork file - it is distinct from the previous and needs a new revision number. Don't know if that affects Roku''s review process but i know places that will reject such submission on general principle. FWIW, the auto-update mechanism may break if new bundle does not have build number strictly higher than previous.
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Level 8

Re: Help channel crashing !

Well, it got updated BUT somehow I / Roku still screwed it up.
I have a private channel and the released version.
I was trying to have the versions the same, except the second digit 2.x.14, where a 0 implied private and a 1 the public.
They are both the same code except the version second digit. That way I can tell where the user's channel is coming from.

I deleted both and reregistered both channels with one of my boxes.
Now they both say 2.0.14 when loaded BUT the description under the channel they both say 2.1.14 ????
I checked the icon app id and they are both different.

At this point I don't care, the bug is fixed ! I'll straighten out the versions next iteration.
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