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It states on the developer's landing page that Roku supports Unity3D

Just purchased a 3 on the strength of this but can't find an export for Roku even though we have a full Unity license
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Re: Unity

"peardox" wrote:
It states on the developer's landing page that Roku supports Unity3D
It says so? Where, i dont see it.

From the little i found, seems that to publish Unity game on Roku, one has to use the services of "Union", the publishing division of Unity Technologies. There is the Unity and Roku joint announcement from 2011. And here is a quote that clarifies:
"Union in 2012" wrote:
As with the other platforms with which Union works—BlackBerry PlayBook, Roku, and Nokia MeeGo N9—we currently don’t have plans to support LG smart TV deployment from Unity. Instead, Unity-authored games for LG smart TV will be released through Union.
Then in 2013, "Union" got renamed to "Unity Games", which moved to own website and announced that "this is just the beginning". Today all pages on the website (spare the root) are dead/missing. I don't know what happened - but saw moderator on Unity forums says "Unity Games is still running".

On Roku seems Union have been active till the first quarter of 2013 (before becoming Unity Games) and have released these eight games as developer "Unity":
  • Downhill Bowling 2

  • Muffin Knight

  • Chop Chop Runner

  • Frisbee Forever

  • Rope Rescue

  • Super Crossfire

  • Castle Warriors

  • Chop Chop Slicer
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Unity

Please contact us via the developer at roku dot com email address.

- Joel
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