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Hello Roku Developers

Hi everyone,

I'm Patrick and I recently (re)joined Roku as the Developer Program Manager. I'm here to help our developers and partners be as successful as possible in developing and deploying Channels for the Roku player. To that end, we're starting to look at some projects to improve the process from beginning to end but would like your input.

I've started another thread to solicit feedback about your experiences as a developer and to hear about what you want from a Roku Developer Program. We'll probably get a little more formal with a proper survey, but this thread should give us a good start.

I plan to spend quite a bit of time here on the forums and otherwise keep in touch with you as much as you'll tolerate. If you have questions on the developer program, including those that that revolve around policy and business issues, I'm the right person to ask. Kevin is still THE guy for the ins and outs of BrightScript and the SDK/APIs, though I suspect I'll be chipping in at least a little.


Developer Program Manager
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Re: Hello Roku Developers

Hello Patrick,

IntelliSence for Visual Studio would be very nice. Perhaps even some project templates.

I've written a couple of VS macros for zipping the roku project and deploying it.

For the roku dev I've done so far I:
Create a VS solution
Add a Roku project
Add a Server side project

For the roku project it just contains the folder structure and files but it would be nice to have tighter integration.

I know you are all UNIX guys but us MS devs have tools we like to work in too Smiley Happy

Also can you create real chm help documantation not just PDF's. Also, I found the bright script pdf somewhere and you really need this donumentation in the package as well.

As for device functionality. I requested the ability to launch an app upon boot but was told it would not happen. If you could add this to the main user settings section the user would still have control over it. One app we're building goes in a lunch room for a company and we want the channel on by default.

Unrelated... I own an HD1000 and it has the ability to play iso DVD's with MPlay. It would be nice to be able to play these files through this device as well.


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