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HLS not playing on fimware 7.2.2 with scene graph

I have this HLS reference stream from msft azure

I have a scene graph app, the video plays fine on my roku stick (firmware 7.5) however it hangs on buffering on my roku premiere (firmware 7.2.2).

I am aware of this forum post that says:
5) If your HLS streams are less than 1.5 Mb/s, they may take very long in the preloading phase. Roku considers this a bug in the current firmware, but there is a workaround. Instead of setting content metadata StreamBitrates = [0] for your HLS stream, set it to the actual bandwidth of your stream when it is less than 1.5 Mb/s. Example for 900kbps stream: StreamBitrates = [900]

However, since roku picks the best stream automatically I have no way ahead of time to know what bitrate stream it is going to pick.

Furthermore, when I observe the `state` field on the `Video` scenegraph node and try to dump the `streamInfo` object on the HLS during the `buffering` state, the `streamInfo` object is invalid.  It only becomes populated when the video is in the `playing` state - which in the firmware 7.2.2 senario never happens.

Here is my code that sets up the Video scene graph node:

Function setContent(contentItem as Object) as void
    m.videoContent.title = contentItem.title
    m.videoContent.url = contentItem.url
    m.videoContent.streamFormat = contentItem.StreamFormat
    m.videoContent.SubtitleConfig = {
        TrackName : "eia608/1"  'Not sure why this causes error, but its required
    m.Video.content = m.videoContent
End Function

Any idea how to work around this bug? This is a pretty big deal for our clients.
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Re: HLS not playing on fimware 7.2.2 with scene graph

Bump. Is my question un-clear?  Seems like the problem is common enough to be called out as a bug by Roku, just looking for a clear answer/workaround...
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Re: HLS not playing on fimware 7.2.2 with scene graph

Same problem, i cant play HLS with rokupremiere and scene graph, Could you solve the problem?
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