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HLS Stream Stops after 6 to 12 seconds of Playing

HLS Stream Stops after 6 to 12 seconds of Playing, this happens for a few different m3u8 lists.
I am creating an app with various feeds for roku. these are feeds that I have no other way of getting them to my Roku.
They are m3u8 links that are loaded via an xml file that is parsed in Roku. I've started with the default "Roku Scene Graph channel implementing a simple grid and video player." that is created from the eclipse Brightscript plugin. I've gone through it and have created proper rss feeds that are read from the Roku and then parsed to grab Media information. I've noticed on a few of the feeds (Not All), that they will play for about 6 to 12 seconds, then stop. When I play these through VLC, they do not stop. So I am not sure if I am missing anything.

Snippet from xml parse is below.
     <title>USA Network</title>
     <description>Redirect TV Antenna Feed</description>
     <pubDate>Sun, 29 Jun 2019 19:06:07 PDT</pubDate>
     <guid isPermaLink="false">decbe34b64ea4ca281dc09997d0f23fd</guid>
       <media:description>Redirect TV Antenna Feed</media:description>
       <media:thumbnail url="" />
       <media:title>USA Network</media:title>

Do I need to put some sort of keep alive for the feed or for it to try again or other media:content entry?
Let me know if I have missed anything.
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