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HELP! Search Results FAIL Roku Ultra 4670!

The Roku Plus search results feature is not working as advertised. Whether I type in a search or use voice search for a movie across subscribed channels (example movies I own and should show as Free do not appear as such) the results do not show correctly. The Roku search results show pricing for rentals; not those that are free to me as owned or as a subscriber to that channel such as Prime Video, Vudu, etc. Even movies on Prime Video that are free to me, Roku Ultra search results will state “Requires Subscription.” I repeat, I am a paid subscriber of Prime Video, Apple TV plus, among others! If I go directly to any of the channels, the movies are there for me to see for free. So Roku, this is totally unacceptable. It’s like false advertising of a feature that doesn’t work correctly at all. I am not the only person experiencing this major fault in your search engine capability. What can you do to fix this as soon as possible for customers?
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Re: HELP! Search Results FAIL Roku Ultra 4670!

I'm running into same issue. July 2020. I have a purple stick (sorry, specific one I don't know) and when I search an actor/movie to see what platform it might be on, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, all do not appear as options certain titles can be found on. Even exact films I know are currently playing on said platforms. 

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