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Getting Started with Ad Framework

I've read some posts on the forum.  In particular, the sticky post for "Enabling your Channel for Video Ads".  I've tried to contact Roku at two email addresses that do not appear to be active: and Roku does not make it easy to get the necessary info to work with the framework.

I've got some basic and preliminary questions I'd like to ask.

1.  My channel is in development.  I am serving videos from Amazon's AWS via Cloudfront.  I've begun to start thinking about supporting it with the Ad Framework. I wanted to integrate the framework now to see what the user experience would be like.  Is this premature?  Is there a more appropriate time to integrate the framework?

2.  I was thinking about letting Roku serve the ads since it seemed like the easiest thing right now.  What type of a relationship does Roku have with content developers in terms of the Ad framework?  I'm looking to partially support the channel through ads.  Is this a reasonable assumption?

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