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Firmware version concerns


The next version of my channel relies on the Roku_Analytics component. I began testing my channel on a Roku 2 I hadn't used in awhile. I couldn't side-load my channel until I updated its firmware since Roku_Analytics depends on 8 or above (and its firmware was 7.7 or so). Once I updated my Roku's firmware to the latest version, I could sideload and run the app with no problems.

Is this something I should be concerned about? I haven't found a way to conditionally include a dependency based a device's firmware version. But if the firmware is updated automatically, this shouldn't be a problem as all supported Rokus will eventually get updated.

Apologies if this is clarified in the docs. I've read through them, but probably overlooked something.
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Re: Firmware version concerns

devinfo = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
if mid( devinfo.GetVersion(), 3, 1).toInt() > 7 then (do something here)

This will distinguish between firmware 8.xx and previous.
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Re: Firmware version concerns

When you publish a channel you select the minimum required firmware version.

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