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DASH: no FF/rewind, wrong duration, restarts....


I have several problems playing DASH (.mpd) video files.

1. When starting, the video plays normally for a few minutes, then the 'Loading' screen appears and stays -- the video never plays again.

2. When I press Stop, the scrub bar shows 3h 41 min on the left, and 0h 53 min on the right. The video is 53 mins long.

3. Fast forwarding is extremely slow (eg 5 secs for a one-minute increase) and shows different numbers again, eg 22h 03 min on the left, 5h 28 min on the right (with the same 53-min video). When I then press Play, the video starts playing at the very beginning, regardless of where I FF'd to.

The same things happen when rewinding.

I tried this with several different DASH videos (all feature-length), and in both my basic test channel and in Roku's stream tester utility ( Results are similar in all cases.

Any idea why these things are happening, or more importantly, how to fix them?

Additional notes:
- the videos were processed by Bitmovin;
- the HLS versions of these videos do not have these problems; however, I have to use DASH because the videos will have DRM (Playready).

Thank you for reading this and for any help, advice, suggestions, etc.
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Re: DASH: no FF/rewind, wrong duration, restarts....


Work-around found: the problems only occur with videos processed by Bitmovin. The same videos proceessed by ffmpeg work correctly.
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