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Targeting percentage of users by Roku OS version, country

Does Roku have an analytics dashboard of userbase/OS percentages?

I want to decide which features are worth using. How many users, for example, would I sacrifice by adding StandardDialog Nodes only available in OS 11.0? What about OS 11.5 features? What about just in the US or other English-dominant places? I have to assume it cuts off a lot. I searched a bit. Apologies if I didn't catch this info. I saw one other post asking in 2012. If not, I'd appreciate even a ballpark estimate for point # 1. Thanks! ‌‌🙂👍


1. User % by minimum OS, general
2. User % by minimum OS, by countries
3. Ideally including estimated number of users per group, not just percentage
4. Any other useful data?
5. Way to set a target in manifest, then compilation flagging code not supported; or even a statement  revealing the minimum OS required by the code I'm using

Google is a good example. They give breakdowns for choosing which Android SDK to target. They show a chart in Android Studio, on project creation, and have a granular targeting Distribution dashboard, besides sites that estimate like e.g. Android 5.0+ = 99.4% of users worldwide now.

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