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Firing Multiple HTTP ASYNC calls cancels previous request

Hi All,

I am trying to achieve a case of firing multiple http requests ( async ) one after another in a loop to receive content asynchronously whenever they arrive but when i try with roUrlTransfer it seems to cancel the previous request and succeeds only when for the last request. Could a case like this be doable at all ? Any suggestions to implement a case like this is welcome.

Here's my code :

port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")

uri = [ "", "" ]

for each imgURI in uri
imgObj = { id: invalid, bitmap: invalid, size: { w: 200, h: 200 }, uri: imgURI, status: invalid }
end for

' Request Images through roURL
for each img in images
' Tried it without having http = invalid. Produced the same result.
http = invalid
http = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer")
filePath = "tmp:/" + util_md5(img.uri)
img.status = http.AsyncGetToFile(filePath)
print "Status is "; img.status = http.GetIdentity()
end for

While True

msg = wait(0, port)
textureFlag = false

if msg <> invalid

if (type(msg) = "roUrlEvent")

code = msg.GetResponseCode()
print "Code is "; code
if code = 200
textureFlag = true
for each img in images
if = msg.GetSourceIdentity()
img.bitmap = true
end if
end for
else if code = -10001
print "Error is"; msg.GetFailureReason()
end if

end if

end if

End While

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Level 7

Re: Firing Multiple HTTP ASYNC calls cancels previous reques

I'm making a guess here, but you do set 'http' to invalid in the request loop... and I think at that point all bets are off as to what happens to whatever that http roUrlTransfer was doing, if the request even lived to get made in the first place.

Which sounds about right because the last one seems to 'live'.

So, if you wanted to put your http requests in some sort of array and push them might work-out?
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Re: Firing Multiple HTTP ASYNC calls cancels previous reques

Please use the [ code][/code] tags when posting code. It makes is so much easier to read.

The problem with your code is that you're invalidating "http" on each pass through the loop. That's what's cancelling the previous async request. You should instead be storing the roUrlTransfer objects in an array to keep them in scope.
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