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Existing customers and subscriptions

TLDR: A ~10 year old podcast with a well established audience (free and paid) wants a Roku channel, but only wants people to be able to login and view content that their subscription allows - no account management features, no signup, no subscription management in the channel, nothing fancy. Does the channel have to use RokuPay?


I have been approached about building a Roku channel for a podcast with a very large number of subscribers, some free, some paid, going back to the late 2000s. They (the podcast) do not want any account management features available in the Roku channel -- they want people to be able to sign in and view their content, and that's it. Anything other than signing in and searching/browsing/watching videos would take place on the podcast website, where their subscribers are comfortable and have experience.

Reading the terms, I'm not sure I'll be able to allowed to build a channel though since, it sounds like, if there's any sort of payment required to access content, that the channel must use RokuPay (, section 3.1 and, in the big yellow banner at the top) to manage subscribers and payments.

Is it possible to make a channel without using RokuPay, even if some of the users will have paid accounts which grant them access to additional content?

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Re: Existing customers and subscriptions

Hi @geoffoliver,

If the channel is offering subscriptions on-device, they have to use Roku Pay. If they are not offering subscriptions on-device, they still may not direct customers to purchase subscriptions off-device (per requirement 2.3). Now that being said, implementing Roku Pay enables customers to purchase subscriptions with just a few keypresses. So that would seem like a missed oppotunity to maximize subscription revenue.  

Also, important to note, per requirement 2.3, all sign-ins must be done using On-device authentication



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Re: Existing customers and subscriptions

I would have to say that if you are only offering a login to the podcast on the channel and NO purchase/registration options, or directions off roku to register/subscribe on the channel then I don't see why you would not be able to. Just have your api return the content based on the credentials of the signed in user. Seems simple to me. 

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