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ESP8266 NodeMCU to Roku for processing ECP queries

I  am having trouble building an ‘in-house’ Roku Remote controller for both a Roku4 w/ an old Dynex (dumb) TV as well as a newer TCL Roku Smart TV and soundbar combination, all residing on the same in-house WiFi network.

Purpose: We [wife and I] are old. My wife sees very poorly and often forgets how to navigate the Roku content via the physical remote(s).

Goals: Visually big UI with audio feedback and additional ‘drop-down-menus’ providing CEP command sequencing for customizing her favorite content navigation - and a big real-time digital clock.

I added an ESP8266 nodeMCU for the Dynex TV [on/off, volume up/down and mute] and SoundBar IR commands. It also provides a LAN server delivering an HTML/javascript based remote controller to all of our devices - computer, tablets and mobile phones. 

This setup is working well for all but the ECP ‘query’ commands which do not work from the remote as a browser web page - HTML/CSS via javascript.

Question: How can I access Roku data provided by ECP queries like '/query/apps' and '/query/active-app' via the ESP8266 setup as an http-client/server? Do I need to configure the ESP8266 nodeMCU as an UPnP device as well? (…and how to do such for I know nothing about UPnP.)

I am an old man certainly not a developer. I am looking for help or better yet,  a working example to test and learn from. I use the Arduino IDE with the ESP8266 nodeMCU providing a ‘limited’ C programing capability.

I was referred to this forum by renojim here:

I know that I am asking a lot here, but any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: ESP8266 NodeMCU to Roku for processing ECP queries

Solved! …with the less than $7 ESP8266 12E v1 WI-FI nodeMCU using the Arduino IDE (free) setup as a local network Access Point and Web Server for an HTML, CSS and javascript web page representing my Extended Roku Remote works great.  The same interface page works fine on OSx, IOS and Android - our computer, iPads and smart phones respectively; all the devices that I have to test it with. Thanks all for your time and help.
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