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Level 9

ECP request: return search results

Would it be possible if Roku could return the search results instead of just displaying them on-screen?

I can see many great uses for this. For instance phone apps would have the ability yo to search on a Roku, display the results directly on the phone and then using deep linking allow the user to open the content. This could be useful for looking for content to watch next while still watching something uninterrupted on the tv.

For my use in my HomeSeer plugin, I could tie it into the voice recognition system and search by voice and have the system itself walk me through choosing a result.

I would imagine that the results could be returned in either xml or json. It could use the existing search API by adding a tag for returning results instead of opening the search screen.
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Level 9

Re: ECP request: return search results

Just bumping this up. I think this could add a lot of great integrations for Roku.
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