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Level 7

Dolby Digital audio not working with SceneGraph

Hi Roku Support Team,

I think there is a problem with Roku not passing through DolbyDigital 5.1 HLS streams properly (at least in SceneGraph), the audio is muxed to stereo. I tested this on Roku 4 player

How to reproduce:

- Use this test packaged stream that contains Dolby 5.1 audio track : ... 1test.m3u8
- Play it in SceneGraph Video node while connected to 5.1 capable receiver via HDMI and note audio output is "stereo"

I have tried all the options in Roku audio menu and used alternative HDMI sources to make sure the problem is not on receiver side. I am pretty confident the issue is with Roku OS. So far the only application capable outputting Dolby Digital (+ however) is Netflix, but it is not written in SceneGraph, it is a native app.

Please advice and thank you!
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Level 10

Re: Dolby Digital audio not working with SceneGraph

If you expect reply from the formal Roku engineering support, make sure to email developer
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Level 7

Re: Dolby Digital audio not working with SceneGraph

Thanks EnTerr, I will email them as well. Maybe some community members have some input as well?
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