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Does this exist?

Is there a way to send a single command to Roku to have it play back a specified MP3 based on a URL? I am looking for a device which can do this so I can use text-to-speech to notify the user throughout the home as-to what is going on easily. I can load up a media server with pre-made MP3 but I want it to build via code so it can change what it is saying based on the situation and so it isn't always the same thing (i will vary how the data is presented to sound more natural).

If not Roku, any ideas of a simple product that can do this? I send a MP3 url, it plays it through RCA, Analog/Headphone, or HDMI output?
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Re: Does this exist?

It can be done, yes.
The way i think of is to write own channel/app for Roku and then ECP launch it with params.
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