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Dishworld Agreement - Is it still in effect?

It appears that Dishworld no longer exists. How does that impact the statements make by RokuPatrick in the above forum post, International Channels and DISHWorld Exclusivity?

Also, will it affect the Roku Channel Development and Content License Agreement, Section 8C, "With respect to Channel Application(s) published in Channel Stores in North America, all Content must be in the English language and originate in the United States, except to the extent that Roku has previously agreed otherwise in writing"?

My understanding is that the developer agreement limitations on English language content originating in the US for North American channels are as a direct result of the Dishworld agreement. As Dishworld no longer exists, does this limitation still apply?
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Re: Dishworld Agreement - Is it still in effect?

DishWorld still exists - they simply rebranded their name.

"Sling TV goes international by rebranding its DishWorld service under the Sling name" Now it's known as Sling International and they'll continue to honor all existing agreements, subscribers, etc.
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