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Level 11

Brackets/parens in channel name

In the dev. web panel, i tried creating channel with parenthesis in the name, e.g. "Tangrams (beta)" - but a red message did not let me, insisting that
"Input must contain only letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation."

Well duh - i thought - parens ARE punctuation marks!
And so i tried square brackers [ ]. No go.
And so i tried curly braces { }. Nope.
Nor angle brackets < >, chevrons ⟨ ⟩ or guillemets « » ‹ ›, which at this point i tried out of spite.

Would you (RokuCo) consider fixing that, so that parenthesis can be used?
And also these punctuation marks- : ; " ? !
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Re: Brackets/parens in channel name

+ superscript
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Re: Brackets/parens in channel name

Parentheses used to be allowed a couple of years ago, but they changed it for some reason. One of my channels actually had to be renamed at that time by Roku to enable updates.
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