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DISCONTINUITY and Audo/Video Sync Issues

Im not sure how many of the devs implement their own media serving with the use of DISCONTINUITY tags in it as well.

What we do is a preroll served from our CLOUD, then a DISCONTINUITY then the feed. The problem we see is that when the PREROLL content is encoded with one bitrate/sample rate, and differs from the mainline content served after the DISCONTINUITY is of a different bitrate/sample rate, the AUDIO/VIDEO are out of sync and requires the user to press the LOOP, REW or FF button, to basically "restart" the content, and the sync issue is fixed.

This is a bad user experience, and we want to avoid it. So my question being, does anyone really know what the specific cause of this and how to avoid it. Meaning is it specific bitrates or samperates that cause this? is it the changing of the sample rate and not the bitrate, etc?

I understand in a perfect world both streams would be exact, but in this case, its not possible 😞

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