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DASH Playback Video Out-of-Sync

I'm having some trouble with the playback of DRM protected DASH streams. The manifests are Multi-DRM (both Widevine and Playready). Both produce consistently out of sync playback on Roku. I was able to get the license requests, and playback starts. However, video segments play out of sync. They seem to playback as fast as they're loaded and become quickly out of sync with the audio. I can confirm playback works fine on other common players like Chrome / Firefox (Shaka), Android (ExoPlayer).

Here's a example of the DASH manifest file: ... vBJuNB.mpd

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: DASH Playback Video Out-of-Sync


Please help me,  if you had implement Widevine DRm
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