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Channel in-app purchase

We have one roku app where there is lisiting of tv channel with its streaming url which are divided by row by their category type and some tv channel are free and some are not free. so, when clickng on no free channel we want to integrate channel in-app purchase i.e: when user click on free channel they can watch that channel but when click on not free channel we want to list the product type that we have created that may be monthly or yearly subscription and when they select one and click purchase then goes on purchase method and after sucessful they they can watch that channel.But the probelm is when we research there is only roku signup purchase or roku faceagent purchase method and we cannot find out the method other than that and we didnt understand how to get all the product list whereever we want and make in-app purchase method. so, our questation is that is it possible to do what we have explained above?if it is possbile then can you eplain in detail so that we can get idea
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