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Level 11

Case-insensitivity for roSgNode components - please!

I just wasted couple of hours of my life troubleshooting something i shouldn't have to - getting a weird error:
BrightScript Debugger> o = createObject("rosgnode", "rectangle")
BRIGHTSCRIPT: ERROR: roSGNode: Failed to create roSGNode with type rectangle

Worth noting, there were Complications. I was testing thread ownership with different node types and sometimes it will work, sometimes it will hang for a while and reject, sometimes... well, somehow debugger at port 8089 went dead while 8080 was still here. Restart did not help and i tried disabling/enabling developer mode, which in turn lead to the gather it is not case-sensitive regarding node field names - so far so good, why not for class names too? Let's fix that!
Make RSG case-insensitive re node class names, just like the rest of Roku API!
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Level 11

Re: Case-insensitivity for roSgNode components - please!

Can somebody from RokuCo kindly reply to this?

While i prefer and am lobbying to have RSG class names case-insensitive, i would like to know if there are hard feelings by the Co in the opposite direction. If so, i have ideas of making lemonade out of a lemon by using lowercase names in a wrapper library of mine (i.e. <component name="scene" extends ="Scene"> and such).

Is case-sensitivity set in stone or subject to debate? 
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