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Can't parse feed

Dear All,

I would highly appreciate your help in this matter as I've been scratching my head since last two days on this but could not fix it.

I used 'Video Player' sample 'source code' provided with Roku SDK.

The only changes that I did was, I copied the "Categories.XML" file, changed it to show only one video. See XML content below.

And in 'Source' folder, changed only one line in 'CategoryFeed.brs' to point "" for categories feed.

And when I deploy my project on Dev Env. It shows me following:
url: ... gories.xml
Took: 523ms
Can't parse feed

I cannot continue further. I tried changing references for XML file from Amazon S3 bucket to another web reference, also tried pointing to local IIS folder and finally tried dropping file in dropbox ( and referring it directly via code. But all in vain.

Can some please help and guide on how to proceed. This has now become a show stopper.

Await your response.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

<!-- banner_ad: optional element which displays an at the top level category screen -->
<banner_ad sd_img="" hd_img=""/>

<category title="Marine Mammals" description="Streaming Video of Marine Mammals" sd_img="" hd_img="">

<categoryLeaf title="Harbor Seal" description="" feed=""/>


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Re: Can't parse feed

That XML parses fine for me. Are you sure you're reading it correctly from the server? You should try printing out the XML text before you parse it. Also note that since you're using an https URL you need to call SetCertificatesFile() on your roURLTransfer object.

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