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Can someone develop an App for Live 365 Radio for the Roku

I am a paying subscriber to live 365 internet radio network.
Can someone out there develop an app for live 365 radio for the roku box.
It's one of the best of all the internet radio networks. They have over 7000 channels of all kinds of music.
An App For live 365 radio would fast become the best internet radio network on the roku.
I can get now live 365 radio only on my logitech squeezebox internet radio. It would be nice to have it on the roku. What do you think.

There are a lot of people who have a subscription to Live 365 Radio. Let someone who is interested in developing the App for Live 365 Radio for the Roku get in touch with Live 365 Radio Network. It's the best Music Network out there. Nothing else compares on the Roku. Better than Sirius, Shoutcast and Tune in radio, etc. Over 7000 Radio stations with every type of music and more. Live 365 Radio is the music equvalent to Netflex. You would sell more Roku's with this app!!.
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Re: Can someone develop an App for Live 365 Radio for the Ro

I'm pretty sure your request has been heard, could you please reduce the number of times you post the same request?
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