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Can a background app programmatically detect the app name and video title playing in the active app?

I am just beginning to explore Roku development. I have a plan for an app, and want to see if the basic concept is even possible on the Roku platform before diving in.

Is it possible for one app to see the current focused app name and video title, even if the focused app is not mine? So, for example, my app, running in the background somehow, would know that the user is currently watching Die Hard on Netflix. Or Avengers Endgame on Tubi. Etc. If this is possible, how?

Any suggestions (thorough or vague) or tutorials you could point me to? What kinds of conditions would need to be met? Would I need to get special permissions from the user to do this?

Maybe accessibility events? Or a CurrentActiveApplication variable, or something like that?

Can two apps even run at the same time? Is that even possible?

The app I would make could be a normal BrightScript channel, or a Roku Screensaver, or an IDK app. Or something else, if there is something else. I don't know -- I'm just beginning my research.

FWIW, This would be for the purpose of parental controls and/or personal accountability.

Is this (or something similar) possible on Roku? Or are things so sandboxed that any and all info about other apps is simply not available?

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Re: Can a background app programmatically detect the app name and video title playing in the active

Take the question mark off the end of your last sentence and you'll have the way it is on Roku.  No such thing as a background app.

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