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ECP - Support for Transport Controls

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with testing voice/transport controls through ECP? The relevant documentation can be found here:

The sample format for issuing an ECP command is:


For example, if I was trying to rewind 10 seconds in Netflix, I would issue the following command.

curl -d '' ''

I get the HTTP 200 OK success status response code, but nothing happens on the Roku*. Nothing happens to the show on Netflix and it continues playing normally instead of rewinding 10 seconds.

Anyone have any ideas what is happening or ideas on troubleshooting? I have tried Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ which supports ECP transport controls, but no luck for Netflix. I assume this means Netflix hasn't implemented ECP support? Netflix voice commands work and I was under the impression that if voice work, ECP should as well.


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*Currently running Roku version 10.5.0 on a TCL TV.