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Bugs in Eclipse Plugin

I know this plugin has quite a few bugs, here are just two of them:

1. TMX Export broken
When trying to export localizations to TMX, the following error occurs:

    Cannot find transformers/XLIFFtoTMX.xsl

This is probably due to the fact that the java resource is named XLIFFToTMX.xsl instead of XLIFFtoTMX.xsl.
Fix: Simply rename the resource

2. Localized manifests are being overwritten always
When executing the command "Update existing translations and/or manifest files", the localized manifest files are always overwritten, even when overwriting is disabled in the preferences. This is very annoying.

Fix: The class BrightScriptManifest has a method updateLocalizedProperties with a parameter overwriteManifestEntries, but the method does not use that parameter. The parameter should be used to decide whether to update only or overwrite all.

Better fix: Updating localized manifest files or translation files are two very different things and executing both at the same time is not an actual use case during development. Thus these two should be separated into different actions.
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