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Re: Autostart channel?

There is a free public channel in the channel store called: Auto Launch. Works as a screen saver, can launch any channel installed on your Roku player. Information is located at:, Install it from AutoLaunch
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Re: Autostart channel and issues

I tried the AutoLaunch screensaver.  Thought it was going to work but unfortunately is has some limitations that makes it unusable for me.  One of my TVs would auto turn on after the 1 minute screensaver setting and would open to YouTubeTV (my selected channel).  I had to disable the screensaver.  It worked on the other TVs until this morning.  The Roku menu showed on the TVs on powering on and the screensaver channel setting changed to ABCNews Live channel.  

And I was unable to stream Spotify because essentially there is no activity in the Roku menu while streaming and after 1 minute, I was kicked out and the TV opened to YouTubeTV.  It had potential but not for me.

Come on Roku, please add a setting to auto launch to a specific channel.



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Re: Autostart channel and issues

I was using AutoLaunch screensaver app successfully for 2 years and then it suddenly broke 2 weeks ago. Now when the screensaver would normally kick in, it flashes for a second and goes right back to the Roku home screen. When I go to the AutoLaunch screensaver setup, I get the same behavior when I try to Preview (current screensaver). Also, if I try to Change Screensaver Settings, it also just flashes and comes back.


Anybody have any ideas what happened to AutoLaunch? This is such a useful app - I hope it can be fixed!


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Re: Autostart channel and issues

With the v12 update it's no longer possible to launch one channel from another (including screensavers).

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Re: Autostart channel and issues

Why was this taken away? Will it be restored? Is there any other way to do this?

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Re: Autostart channel and issues

Why would they disable Autolaunch, what’s the alternative for start up channel?

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Re: Autostart channel and issues

This wouldn't work for everyone, but if you have a home server like a Raspberry Pi on the same network that is always running (media server, home automation, etc), you could run something on that device that watches for the UPnP messages from the Roku when it starts up, and sends the ECP launch command at the right time.

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