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Aligning solar panels

2 questions.

1. My roku TV is doing channel updates and one says aligning solar panels. Should this be, I have no such app nor do I have solar panels. What does this mean?

2. Another says tuning hyperdrive. What does this mean?



Channel Surfer

Re: Aligning solar panels

These are "joke" messages that the developers added to entertain you while the system updates.  They are meaningless and you can just ignore them.  You'll likely see more of them with each update.  Here is a list of some others:


Roku Guru

Re: Aligning solar panels

Is there a list of what is happening behind the scenes when the "funny" messages are being shown?

Does each message link to an action or is it just a funny text version of a progress bar?

I think I have seen all the ones mentioned on soylent link:

Aligning Solar Panels
Boosting entertainment channels
Engaging warp drive
Hamster wheel engaged
Installing solar panels
Maximizing Fun Factor
Opening the gateway
Opening Stream Gates
Releasing the stream
Supercharging your system
Tuning Hyperdrive


Not a Roku employee

Re: Aligning solar panels

My TV is been showing all I need solar panels and it’s still on number one of updating channels to 84 channels and it won’t move and how long does it last. My TV is in my bedroom and I cannot watch it.

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