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Advice on Updating app on Roku

My company has a current Roku channel that has been published in the past, but all knowledge of the channel has been lost except for the roku development login and the original roku that the app was developed on.

Where can I go to get the original pkg or zip that is currently published as a channel on our account in this is even possible).
When I log in to I can see the public published channel.

In the channel details I see:

Required Features:
SD Poste HD Poster Package File

When downloading the package file as a zip it says that the zip is empty.

I am also able to log onto the local roku box through its ip address that the app was initially created on. I see the installer page with a zipped file, but don't see any way to download the zip file housed on the roku.

My main goal is to update the existing public channel with new content and republish it.

1) If some one can point me on how to get the original code to get started on changing the content that would be awesome.

2) If that is not possible, would it be possible to write a brand new app and install it in the place of the current channel? If so how do I make it so the current channel users are not affected by the upgrade/app change?
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Binge Watcher

Re: Advice on Updating app on Roku

Only #2 is possible - rewrite the channel from scratch and replace the old app. If you don't have the original DevID password with which the original channel was signed, then any information stored in the channel like login / link or playback position will be lost.

- Joel
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Roku Guru

Re: Advice on Updating app on Roku

Here is an idea... something can be done. It's a bit of a crapshoot but can't hurt to try!

First and foremost - be very careful with that Roku box. Treat it like a sacred cow for now because your salvation might be there. Do not - i repeat, DO NOT - side-load (deploy) another channel to it, since the old zip will be lost.

The side-loaded channel should be at the very end of the home screen. You can verify it's presence by opening in browser http://<rokuIP>:8060/query/apps - the last item in the list should be something like
<app id="dev" type="appl" version="1.0.1">Blah de blah</app>

Start the side-loaded channel with the remote. From command line - telnet <rokuIP> 8085 - you should see the dev.console, press Ctrl-C to interrupt (you can only break into the side-loaded channel). Now do some exploration:

BrightScript Debugger> ? listDir("pkg:/")

BrightScript Debugger> ? listDir("pkg:/source/")

BrightScript Debugger> ? readAsciiFile("pkg:/source/main.brs")

Sub Main()

' RAF section
canvas = CreateObject("roImageCanvas")

This way you can potentially recover the BrightScript sources, they are mounted in pkg:/source. See ... +Functions for the functions above
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Channel Surfer

Re: Advice on Updating app on Roku

Hadn't thought of that when I DM'ed OP earlier - good approach.
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Re: Advice on Updating app on Roku

Thanks for all the help. We ended up recreating the channel package from scratch and then submitted online. It is now an unpublished package waiting to be reviewed. I will let you know how it goes.
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