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Level 7

A better alternative to roTextScreen?

The roTextScreen is nearly impossible to read at a distance, does anyone have an idea how I can get a scrolling text screen like the one for the "Third Party Licenses" screen under Roku Settings?

From what it sounds like, roParagraphScreen won't scroll if the text is too large, so am I stuck with having to create a custom component?
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Level 8

Re: A better alternative to roTextScreen?

Theoretically You can probably try the rolistscreen
With transparent bitmaps as the highlight
You can even add your logo on the side
Of course you would have to divide
The text into separate line items for the list
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: A better alternative to roTextScreen?

You can use roParagraphscreen to show text and add Next and Previous buttons to the bottom so the user can page through text that way, You'll have to reload the screen each time you page forward or backwards.

- Joel
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