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Level 9

images distorted

Some of my png images within my channel have something strange happening. The main logos on my images look fine but the background that would be white has a bunch of lines that are the same color as colors from the logo. Why would this happen to only some of the images? Could this be an issue with how roku is handling them or is it how they were created?
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Level 9

Re: images distorted

What screen type are you seeing this on?
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Level 10

Re: images distorted

Transparency has some issues with PNG with gridscreen types. As to why it happens on some and not others, it could be improper internal handling or a conflict with 32-bit graphics - try saving them as 24bit or JPG. If you need them to 'look transparent' on a gridscreen, set the transparent parts of the graphic to the same shade of gray as your background color for the gridscreen and save as JPG.
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