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repeat when held stops working (advancd/back)

most of the time if I hold down fast forward/rewind or dbutton forward/back it repeats, moving me further.

But sometimes it doesn't and I have to just repeately press the button. In the past it's seemed to work on some videos and not others, but I just found a  case where it was working on a video, then yesterday and today it's not on that same video.

I notice it most in youtube

I've got two remotes and am getting the same result with both remotes


software 10.5 roku ultra, no updates in a couple of months

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Re: repeat when held stops working (advancd/back)


How the FF and RW buttons work is a decision made by the app developers. You've noticed that they work one way in some apps, and a different way in other apps. That's because the developers decided to do it that way.

Now, you may think that Roku builds the apps. They don't. You know how Apple, Google, and Amazon don't build the apps for their devices? Yeah, same thing with Roku. You should contact the app developer/service with those concerns.

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