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"Find My Remote" problem

I am using a  Voice Remote Pro   with  a Roku Ultra.   

  I am not sure when the  problem started  but I replaced the original remote  with Voice Remote Pro  and now this feature does not work properly anymore.  I have been using  my Voice Remote Pro for about 2 years  and  have had this problem  with the "Find My Remote" function for at least a year,

Here's whats happening:

I press the button on top of my Ultra and then the tv shows "Listen for your remote"   but no sound plays.     It is not a problem with the battery and I can play the sound the through through the settings.

Here's the strange part:

If I do find my remote when the "Listen for you remote" timer is on the screen (despite having no sound to guide me) and press a remote button to dismiss the function  THEN if   immediately press the button on top of my remote to start  "Find My Remote" function again....  it WORKS; I hear a sound that is loud enough for me to locate it anywhere in the room.   If I do it again immediately then it will work again but if I wait even five minutes before trying the "Find My Remote" function it is back to no sound coming from the remote.

Now that I writing this,  the only thing unique thing about my  Roku Ultra is that  I once installed a MicroSDXC in it but took it out and used it for something else when it didn't  seem to be very helpful.  Surely it is not trying to read some data concerning my remote from my no-longer-installed-MicroSDXC??

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