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Reel Rookie

Voice remote won't charge

Recently purchased a new Roku with voice remote. I have used it and when it said it was at 10% I plugged it into a charger assuming it would charge. But it didn't because it finally just stopped working. I see a lot of posts with the same issue but I don't see Roku acknowledging there is an issue. Based on what I have read, I have tried multiple chargers and cords to see if I could get some combination to work. But no light ever comes on. Is there something special about the original charging cord? How is is different from a standard micro USB cord? I tried it and several others I have. Also using 3 different charging adapters. Not the higher current versions. Just the standard type less than 2A. Someone said they repeatedly inserted and removed charging cord and it finally worked. That might indicate there was some corrosion or contaminate in the socket and the repeated insertions may have scrubbed the contact surfaces enough to make it work. I haven't tried that yet because I don't want to damage something unless Roku says that is a possible fix. The Roku base unit is a 4802X and the serial number is SODA2278YFTN. 

What else can I try? Is there something unique about the short USB charging cord that came with it? If so, what? Does it just need to be short?

I bought it August 7th of this year. So hopefully it is under warranty. Where do I find that option on the web site?






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Reel Rookie

Re: Voice remote won't charge

Something to add. One thing I did notice is that when I plug in the supplied charging cable there is no resistance pushing it in. Indicating that there may not be good electrical connection. When I use other cables that I have there is resistance to pushing it in. So it would seem more likely those cables are making better electrical connections inside the plug. However, there is still no charging light coming on. 

What else can I try?

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