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Reel Rookie

Voice Commands disable remote buttons

I started playing with the voice commands on my Roku TV.  Seems to work OK, but once I issue a command, like “pause” the buttons on my remote, like play, FF & Rew are ignored.   To get them to work again I have to use the Home button to exit the app, and then restart it.  I haven’t tried every app, but this happens with PLEX and Amazon Prime Video.

Is this a bug or a feature? If the latter, how do I undo it so my Roku alweys responds to the buttons on my remote?  

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Re: Voice Commands disable remote buttons

Same here. I have several Roku devices with different remotes. Mistaking the Voice button for OK is a never ending and inevitable problem. On the Ultra Plex App, I have to exit to Home just to get the remote working again. Got to create a fix or allow the Voice button to be disabled? I find myself using my Fire TV more and more often now because of this annoyance.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Voice Commands disable remote buttons

I also have this issue from time to time where after I use a voice command - or even accidentally press the voice button - many of the remote buttons become disabled. I even tried using an app on my phone after the physical remote buttons stop responding and the phone app remote buttons don't respond either. I can hear a sound response from the Roku streaming stick when I tap the buttons, but the Roku stick just stops responding to many of the buttons. Interesting that the OP is from August 2021 and no one has responded yet.

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Re: Voice Commands disable remote buttons

I have the same issue. I recently bought the roku voice remote because the remote that came with my tv stopped working, at all. Well I do not use voice commands at all, but it was the only remote available from the company aside from the more expensive version. If I ever press the voice button, I cannot do anything except continue using the voice or unplug my tv and turn it back on. As my TCL Roku tv doesn’t fully shut off if I press off, I have to unplug it. This is ridiculous and extremely irritating. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Voice Commands disable remote buttons

@Edenfam wrote:

... If I ever press the voice button, I cannot do anything except continue using the voice or unplug my tv and turn it back on. ...

Really? Because that's not how it works for me.

As I don't use the voice feature, I don't ever press that button, so it's not something I know by heart. But, I thought I'd give it a refresher after reading your post.

Sure enough, if I press the button, it starts listening. But, when I release the button, it stops listening. And I can either wait a few seconds for the overlay instructions to go away (I don't like that) or press the Back button, when removes the overlay immediately. Either way, the buttons still work.

If yours is behaving in a different manner, then yours has a problem, as that's not how it's supposed to work.

Please confirm the behavior. We want to be specific and not make any assumptions that could be incorrect and lead us from the actual solution.

When you press the Voice button, does it start listening?

Does it continue to listen after releasing the button?

Does pressing the Back button make the overlay go away?

Does pressing the Up/Down/Left/Right buttons cause any activity on the screen while the overlay is in place?

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