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Using Pro remote with headphones while charging

I just got the Roku Ultimate with Pro remote.

It says in the notes that the remote can be used for listening while charging.

When I went to plug the cable into the charging block (the cable was already plugged into the remote) there was an arc of electricity from the charging block to the cable,

I saw it arc before the cable was plugged in, still about an inch away, and I felt that arc go through the headphones and it zapped my ear.

I'm pretty sure that it was muted at the time, so shouldn't have been drawing power at that moment.

There are no warnings about this possibility in the manual. Someone could get hurt.

I was just in the middle of watching a show and the remote low power warning came up on my tv, so I went to plug it in and charge it while I finished watching the show.

I'm really grateful that the power was DC low voltage or I could have had a bad shock.

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Re: Using Pro remote with headphones while charging

Hi @aclckc

Welcome to the Roku Community!

I'm sorry to hear that you experienced an electrical arc while attempting to charge your Roku Ultimate Pro remote and that you were zapped by the electrical current.

Please reply here with the serial number of the Roku device associated with the affected remote. It can be found in Settings > System > About. It is also located at the back or underneath the Roku player itself.

It's possible that the electrical arc was caused by a defective charger, a damaged charging cable, or an issue with the Roku remote itself. I would recommend that you stop using the charger and cable that caused the electrical arc.

In terms of using the Roku remote with headphones while charging, it is generally safe to do so. However, as you've experienced, there can be risks involved with any electrical device, especially when it comes to charging. I would recommend that you follow the safety guidelines provided in the Roku remote manual, such as using only the approved charger and cable and avoiding using the remote in wet or humid conditions.

Let us know if there's any difference after.

Warm Regards,

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