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Reel Rookie

Setting up light strip from USB

I bought a light strip to go behind the TV for accent lighting.  This particular brand plugs into the USB as a power source.  It is supposed to come on with TV power.  It is not working.  Does anyone know if there is a setting that needs to be changed on the Roku Smart TV for the USB to be an output to this light strip?

It is a TCL 50" model 50S435.

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Re: Setting up light strip from USB


I have seen some online postings of people using light strips with their Roku tv so certainly can be done.

The biggest complaint though is the USB remains powered for 15min after shutting off TV so lights will remain on for a bit.

There are no settings for USB power which would be disabling power.  I think you need to look at the power requirements for your strip lights and whether you USB port is working.

Try plugging a flash drive (USB stick) in port and see if it works.  The USB ports in the TCL are reportedly USB 2.0 ports.  As such, they should have max 5V, 2.5watt, 500mA power availability.  (I did not see anything in TCL specs specifying actual power ratings though).

Check your light strips and see if they fall within the above specs and verify a working USB port.

Hopefully goes without saying that you should also plug the light strip into a wall USB adapter and make sure lights are actually working.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Setting up light strip from USB

Thank you for the feedback.  I found plugging it into an iPhone cube and just plugging it into the wall worked fine.  It needs to be turned on separately but that is no big deal.   Thanks for responding so quickly.