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Re: Roku express has no volume control?

poor luck with both

Firestik quit after less than a year but a remote w/o volume & power buttons is rediculous so hopefully new firstik lasts more than a year

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Re: Roku express has no volume control?

@tkap  OK well this is not the discussion forum for helping users with products, so you’re better off taking your FireTV topic elsewhere. Inc. and Roku Inc. are also completely different companies, and despite the FireOS and RokuOS systems being based on the Linux system, those are also completely different.

~ Jordan

I’m into videotapes and old electronics stuff, including extenders, converters and analog 4:3 TV sets (which are obsolete these days), and Miss Bianca is my favorite character in Disney’s The Rescuers (1977) and its sequel, The Rescuers Down Under (1990). I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you. ~ Jordan

Roku Express+ 3910X
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Re: Roku express has no volume control?

So for $5 more I could have bought the Express 4K+ (which I don't need because I don't have a 4K TV) and would have a remote "with TV controls".

Instead, I now need to buy a $19.99 remote that has "TV controls".

You should change the wording "Simple Remote" to "Simple Remote (No Volume Buttons)".

Or better: "You will need to use TWO REMOTES with this Express device."

I wonder how much fun the "get a refund" procedure will be.

Level 7

Re: Roku express has no volume control?

I just bought one from Best Buy and am very disappointed.  With some Amazon searches I found a competing stick with the same price, outstanding reviews and volume control.   The $5 lower cost version is like Roku, i.e., no volume control.   I will see if I can return my Roku and move over to this device with volume control. 

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