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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Voice Remote Pro shortcut buttons

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Mary, I just bought the new Remote Pro with chargeable batteries.  I am using the voice command as follows....Open Discovery + and Open Peacock.  On both of those voice commands, the programs open flawlessly.  The issue is that I cannot save either of those voice commands to either the 1 or the 2, shortcut buttons on my remote.  I even tried "Open the Roku Channel" to program to one of the buttons - nothing.  What am I doing wrong that neither shortcut button will accept any command?!?!

Oh, nevermind, I guess it did work.  Sadly, the instructions that say "wait for the tone" that indicate it accepted the command, are wrong.  There are NO tones on my remote but the commands were saved.  Nothing like instructions telling you that there is a success tone and that doesn't exist.  Might want to update the instructions.....

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