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Roku Remote times out communicating to Roku Ultra Base unit while trying to control channels

My configuration

Roku Ultra 

Model: 4802X

Software Version: 12.0.0 build 4184-C2

Device Id: S0DA2281R342

Our remote that came with the unit has an internal battery. (This is not a battery issue as the battery stays at 100% all the time as you will see in my discussion below). I didn't see a device # corresponding to the remote but it is the original remote which came with the Roku Ultra.)

We NEVER use the external headphones so that should not be a factor.

Roku Ultra is connected to a switch, which is also connected directly into an ASUS AXE7800. Firmware is at the latest level. Response times are excellent  with 1Gbit ISP download connectivity.



While in normal operation the Roku remote will time out and not communicate with the base unit. We initially thought that it needed a recharge, so we connected the unit to the charger and it starts working again properly. It's as if the charging process does some sort of reset to the remote to allow it to communicate to the base unit once again. We do this so often that when we plug the remote into the charger, the charge indicator icon on the TV screen always shows the remote at a 100% charge.

As far as we can tell, this only happens when in the context of viewing a streaming channel. I have never seen the issue while using any of the inherent Roku admin screens. However, it definitely happens while trying to pause a channel stream using the >|| key or trying to move forward or backward to change the location of a stream within a channel which is already streaming, or even trying to pause that channel from streaming. (Keep in mind that we never use the >|| , <<  , or >> keys in the context of the Roku admin screens.)

As far as I can tell, none of the keys appear to stick on the remote. No symptoms of a double press on keys.

There have never been any issues while starting or stopping channel apps.. It's always appears to be an issue with controlling an individual different channel apps once a channel has started up. 

When this happens, the remote goes into a state where it does not accept any key presses. We remedy the situation by connecting the remote to the charger, and then removing the connection to the charger. Typical the remote stays at 100% because we do it so often. The remote then works fine after our action.

I don't remember this issue occurring up until maybe a few months ago at the earliest (05/23). Remote control response times are otherwise excellent. I usually sit no more that 5-10 feet away from the TV so that should eliminate any out of range conditions.

Thanks in advance for comments or suggestions!



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Re: Roku Remote times out communicating to Roku Ultra Base unit while trying to control channels

Did you ever get a response to your posting?  My remote (same model 4802X) has done essentially the same things as you describe. I just left Roku support with their promise to replace the remote unit.

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Re: Roku Remote times out communicating to Roku Ultra Base unit while trying to control channels

Hello Deke2,

I never really got anything back from support nor any other advice. I believe we discovered after posting this that every time we hooked up a charger to this remote that it reconnected automatically. I think at one point realized that it wasn't a battery issue as I hit the pair button and it connected up instantly. I happened to move this Roku and control unit to another and just lived with the quick reconnection with the press of the button.

At the time I had 2 other issues, 1 with Apple TV on Roku, and another issue where if you managed the Roku via your ios app it burned up battery quickly if you left the app active. I was the first to post those 2 and they were more annoying at the time so I left this issue in limbo.

If you actually managed to get support to send you another remote, it would be nice if Roku support would extend that offer to me also. If you happen to get the chance, I would appreciate it if you mentioned that they had another customer with the same issue.

Thanks and hope they take care of you!

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