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Binge Watcher

Roku 4K Dolby Vision Stick: Battery level indicator constantly appearing on screen.

Since about October 2023 I am constantly getting the remote control battery level indicator popping up on screen.  It appears every few seconds when trying to navigate the Roku 4K Dolby Vision stick settings and menu.  It does not matter if the battery level is at 100%, the on screen battery level indicator still keeps appearing every few seconds.  When using the ROKU mobile 'phone app for Android to navigate the ROKU menu and settings this behaviour is not happening.

When the battery level indicator on screen pop up is present I cannot use the menu's, select a setting or channel.  This is now becoming more than irritating and is now at the stage that I consider the product unfit for purpose.

Even the Roku mobile app for Andoid is dreadful.  It manages to suck the entire life out of a fully charged top of the range Samsung S22-Plus Android 'phone within one hour.  Simply unbelievable!

I have tried the following to resolve the matter.  None of which have resolved the issue:

  1. Uncoupled and recoupled the remote to the 4K stick.
  2. Cleared the entire cache on the stick (Press START 5 times, press up button once, press reverse 2 times and press fast forward twice).
  3. A full factory reset. (Tried several times).
  4. Replacing the batteries (tried several times).
  5. Checked for software updates.
  6. Removing the power from the stick, reapplying power and rebooting.
  7. Changing the remote control from IR set-up to CEC set-up.


Model  3820EU

Serial Number  (Sent via PM to 4 moderators and awaiting respose.)

Software Version  12.5.5 Build 4174-CU

Device ID  (Sent via PM to 4 moderators and awaiting respose.)

I see that others are experiencing the same problem and that Roku has, as yet, not come forward with any solution to this issue.  What is causing this problem and how can it be resolved?

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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku 4K Dolby Vision Stick: Battery level indicator constantly appearing on screen.

Why am I also being told the following when I am trying to send a PM with details to Roku?  There is NO HTML code in the message I'm trying to send.  Is this some kind of joke?


"Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

  • Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and send the message when you are satisfied."
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