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Roku 3 remote stopped working and wont pair

My roku remote for my Roku 3 was working fine and suddenly stopped working. At first thought it was batteries but even after replacing it wont pair. I tried remote on my ultra and it paired fine so its not the remote. The green light on remote just keeps blinking.  Ive reset the Roku 3 multiple times and still wont pair. What else can I do? 

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Re: Roku 3 remote stopped working and wont pair

So, it's not the remote, then it has to be Roku 3 no longer accepting Wifi remote signals. It is a ten-year-old model? And way out of warranty. 

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Re: Roku 3 remote stopped working and wont pair

This just happened to me; Roku 3 (4200X, software with game remote.  The remote would work for a few minutes after I restarted the Roku, but after that it would not respond.  Finally the unit stopped responding to the remote entirely.

The phone app worked fine.

Hey, this is a 12 year old Roku, right?  2011.  I'll just replace it.  But to do that means doing a factory reset first...might as well see if it works after that.

And in my case, it did work after that.  (I used the phone app to get to the menu for factory reset.)

I've never had a Roku behave like this, ever.  I have another Roku 3/4200X; I'll have to keep an eye on that.  I'm just glad it's working.

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