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Remote stopped working on the second day

The remote for a Roku Express I bought quit working on the second day.  I did everything I could through online support and the community to fix it but nothing worked.  After 90 minutes, all I I wanted was to report the problem and get a new remote - but could not find any way to do this online and no phone contact number anywhere to speak to an actual person!!! The online "agent" option told me my device was not eligible! 

So now I'm just disconnecting it all, repacking and return it.  Thank God I ordered it through Amazon!  I must say this is the worst customer support system I've ever encountered

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Re: Remote stopped working on the second day

You’d probably need to check the batteries on the battery compartment of the remote (if it’s standard IR or WiFi direct), or the USB charger if it’s a Voice Remote Pro, and see if it’s something to do with either the batteries/USB or the remote.  Also check to see if your Roku device is defective or not by making sure the device is powered through the wall outlet and not the TV’s USB port.

~ Jordan

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