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Remote problems not pairing with my Roku 2

I received a Roku to device from a friend and they could not find the remote so I ordered a replacement one and I cannot get it to paired to the Roku to device. It does not have a pairing button and I can’t seem to get it to pair. Please help

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Re: Remote problems not pairing with my Roku 2

Does the remote have a microphone button on it and TV controls for power, volume, and mute?  If not, it doesn't need to be paired.  For a voice remote without a pairing button, hold the Back and Home buttons at the top of the remote down together for 5 seconds until the green light starts flashing then connect the power to your Roku device.

There have been several Roku 2 models over the years, so knowing the model number written on it might be helpful.

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Re: Remote problems not pairing with my Roku 2


There have been a number of Roku models with "2" in their names.  It will help if you can give us the full designation (should be printed on it somewhere).

Except for Roku Streaming Stick models which are typically used behind the TV where infrared (IR) control signals can't reach, all other Rokus can be controlled by the Roku Players Remote (formerly called the "Simple Remote") which controls by direct line of sight IR to the front of the Roku.  These are just point-and-shoot remotes and don't need to be (and can't be) paired to the Roku.  There are 3rd party clones widely available as well, as are many universal IR remotes that support the Roku streamer control codes.  (Note that remotes for Roku TVs, i.e. those with Roku functions built in, use a different set of IR control codes so their remotes are not interchangeable with remotes for separate Roku streaming devices.)

Roku also has point-anywhere remotes that control the Roku by WiFi.  These must be paired to the Roku units they are to be used with.   WiFi remotes in the current product line are called Voice Remotes and they can be used with all Rokus released in the last 10 years or so.   The only Roku 2 model that can be paired to a WiFi Voice remote is the Roku 2 (with no additional letters in the product name) model 4210X, released in 2015.

Roku models 2 HD, 2 XD, and 2 XS pre-date models controlled by WiFi and can only be controlled by the IR Roku Players Remote and equivalents described above.   These models are no longer being supported by Roku, can't be updated to current software, lack many current features, and are slow and clunky compared to later models.   Some channel apps require newer features and capabilities not present in these old models and can't be run on them.

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