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Re: Remote finder sound won't work in app

I'm having the same problem, and none of these form responses even comes close to solving the issue. The problem isn't the batteries, or the remote being out of range. Today it was literally under my coffee table right in front of the TV but the remote finder sound didn't work. However, as soon as I pressed a button on the remote, the finder sound played through the remote. The issue seems to be that the connection between the remote and the Roku/my WiFi router goes idle until I press a button on the remote- which means the remote finder tool is useless, since it can't find the remote until I've already found it myself.

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Re: Remote finder sound won't work in app

I just got the smart remote for my birthday and have had the same problem. I checked for a software update (none needed) and restarted the system. Now it works like a charm. Give it a try 


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