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ROKU VOICE REMOTE PRO suddenly stopped controlling my VIZIO TV

I have the:

Roku Voice Remote Pro - RCS01R

And it suddenly stopped controlling the power and volume on my VIZIO TV. I ordered this remote on 9.22.22 and it has worked fine up until a few days ago. The previous remote pro also controlled the volume and power on the same TV without a hitch. I have already done the recommended troubleshooting, checked for software update and ran through the setup to control TV option and it says it cannot be done. What changed?

The worst and most frustrating part is that the chat and phone support options are greyed out and 3 times I attempted to send an email to support I got an "oops something went wrong" message. I am so frustrated I could scream. No wait, I already did scream. Thanks for any help.

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Re: ROKU VOICE REMOTE PRO suddenly stopped controlling my VIZIO TV

Hi @smiletraci,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, if this issue is not resolved, please let us know along with any additional information you may have that would be helpful for our team looks into this problem. Kindly include the serial number of your Roku device that is paired with the remote so we can assist further.

Please keep us posted.

Best regards,

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Re: ROKU VOICE REMOTE PRO suddenly stopped controlling my VIZIO TV


Two things that may, or may not, help:

  • Some people have reported success when configuring a Voice Remote for their tv failed, by temporarily configuring the Roku to connect to a different wifi network, like the wifi hotspot on a cell phone, and repeating the remote tv setup while connected to this other network. If successful you can return the Roku to your normal network connection.
  • I've had several Voice remotes over the years, used with several Rokus. Only once have I had troubles trying to repeat my remote setup for the tv. In that case I went into the remote tv set up and told it to forget the remote. Then I set the remote back up as a new device and it "took".
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