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ROKU Remote Improvement Suggestion

Longtime ROKU user.

The ROKU Remote is a brilliant design . . . for Right-handed use. 

But it's a problem for left-handed use because the volume/mute controls are not easily accessible when the device is held in the left hand. 

However, regardless of "handedness", there are occasions when customers need to operate the remote while holding it in their "other hand" (e.g., sitting on the "wrong end" of the couch).  

I believe the current design of this remote control device can easily be made "ambidextrous" with two modifications:

1.  Add on the left side of this device an identical set of volume/mute controls as are now on the right side.  

2. On the back side of the device (just below the IR lens) include a slide switch that controls which set of volume/mute keys is "active", but wire it to work in what might seem to be  "reverse". 

That is:  When pressed to the right, the left-side volume/mute controls are activated; when pressed to the left, the right-side volume/mute controls are acticated.  

I suggest this in part because it takes advantage of a "natural" movement thatxalready occurs:  Pay attention as you pick up the remote to use it.  As you do so, your index finger on that hand passes over the edge of the IR lens in the same direction as I've outlined above for activating the correct "side" of volume/mute controls for use by that hand just by pressing on & sliding that switch. 

Then when/if an operator uses the opposite hand, the index finger of that opposite hand can slide that switch in the opposite direction to make the remote more easily operable in THAT hand.  

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: ROKU Remote Improvement Suggestion

Hi @pdalton,

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Feel free to stop by the 'Suggest a feature' section of the Community share any other thoughts. 

Thank you for choosing Roku. Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

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