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Paired both roku remotes to same device


I reset and paired the voice remote which came with and (used to) control my streaming stick to my other and newer Roku express. 
Now I have BOTH remotes paired to my Roku express and don’t know how to re-pair the voice remote back to its original device—my Roku streaming stick. 
So, please after the laughter subsides…it really is ok to acknowledge the laughter because I choose to laugh at it myself ~ UNLESS you reply that you can’t help😬 me out of this crazy and embarrassing situation I created for myself. 



Re: Paired both roku remotes to same device

1st: many apologies for anyone’s time I wasted during my panic mode as I was posting my topic. I have since remedied the embarrassing situation listed in my post.  Instead of editing or deleting any of it I am simply going to post how I corrected the situation in case anyone else ever finds themselves in the same or similar situation. 

As I was racking my brain whilst browbeating myself for creating my own dilemma I recalled previously using the remote control function on the ROKU app. Once I connected my iPhone to my Wi-Fi network, I simply paired it with my streaming stick and used the remote via my iPhone to go back through the “Set up a new device—->Remotes” to reset and re-pair the original voice remote back to my streaming stick. 
I hope someone may find this useful in the future. 


  ~Dan Smith 

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Re: Paired both roku remotes to same device

Thanks for reporting back to help others.  I wish more people did this.

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Re: Paired both roku remotes to same device

Thanks for your helpful follow-up, Dan!

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Re: Paired both roku remotes to same device

It's work. i faced a lot of problem. but after reading that problem is resolved 

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